Commuting to Congress: Episode 5


This is John Sarbanes, I’m walking along the side of the road in New Hampshire with Lawrence Lessig, who’s leading the New Hampshire Rebellion, which is an effort to showcase the need to reform the way our elections are funded in this country, to give a voice of the people back in the way our government is run. He’s here walking in a tribute to Granny D. Haddock, Doris Haddock, who, at the age of 88 years old, back in the year 2000, walked all the way from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. It took her 13 months. She walked over 3000 miles with a sign on her back that said “Campaign Finance Reform.” So, here in New Hampshire over the last 10 days, a group of individuals has walked from north of the northern New Hampshire boundary, and will be finishing in Nashua. And I join them today on their 18 mile march from Concord to Manchester. All is part of this effort to showcase the need to reform the way we fund our campaigns, to break our dependence on big money and special interests, and give a voice back to everyday citizens. And soon, we’ll be introducing as part of that effort the Government by the People Act, which will create a system of public funding for congressional campaigns and hopefully transform the relationship between everyday citizens and their government, and what happens in Washington. So, signing off from the side of the road, this is John Sarbanes.