Commuting to Congress: Episode 4


So, this is the first of a series of voice memos that I’m going to be doing as I commute back from Washington. We just passed a budget agreement in the House of Representatives, which will put off a government shutdown for another 2 years, so that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, it didn’t include some things I would have liked to see, such as extending unemployment benefits for those who are going to see their benefits run out over the holidays. But it did get us out from under some of the sequester cuts that have had a very significant negative impact on our economy and on important programs that help to improve the quality of life of all Americans. So, there was a reason to support this and it gives the public a little bit of respite from the budget wrangling that we’ve seen over the last couple of years. A little bit of relief from that, which I know that the average person out there could definitely appreciate. So that was the vote we took today and we’ll keep trying to put together these bipartisan solutions, although I don’t predict that it’s going to be easy.

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