• We the Podcast: Money in Politics

    I recently got a chance to talk about money in politics on Rep Keith Ellison's We the Podcast. Be sure to give it a listen (just 10 mins long) and let me know what you think!

  • John Sarbanes Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

    Throughout her career in public life, Hillary Clinton has focused on the struggle of working families, with a special commitment to issues affecting women and children.  I believe that she will fight for everyday citizens when it comes to education, health care, the environment and civil rights, that she will lift up small businesses struggling on main street and that she will bring forceful leadership to the international stage.  There is no one more qualified to serve as our 45th President and I am pleased to endorse her candidacy. 



  • Supreme Court’s Marriage Equality Ruling

    Today the Supreme Court made history by ruling that same-sex couples will now have their marriages recognized in every state. I am extremely proud of the progress we have made as a nation on this important issue. Our founders wrote that all people are created equal and now every American is able to marry the person they love.

  • What's the PAC footprint in DC?

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    That's right I was the only member in the whole country who took no money from PACs. The problem is I still have to raise dollars for my campaign.  So if I’m giving up the PAC money, I need your help!

    Please make a donation of $20 today to help me stay PAC-free and be part of something new.
  • Civic Works: East Eager Street in Baltimore

    On Friday my campaign volunteered with a Civic Works community lot project on East Eager Street in Baltimore. These types of projects are great ways to serve the community.

    You can learn more about how to get involved with Civic Works here: www.civicworks.com/volunteer

  • A message from Congressman Sarbanes

    "After giving careful consideration to the open race for Senate, I have decided to pursue re-election to my seat in the House of Representatives. Maryland’s Third Congressional District is home to many wonderful communities and I look forward to continuing my service on their behalf. (click here to read my full statement)

  • An interview with the Washington Monthly

    I recently spoke with the editor in chief of the Washington Monthly about The Government By the People Act. 

  • Washington Post: How Democrats can make voters care about big money in politics

    Greg Sargent recently had a piece in The Washington Post, about my campaign finance reform efforts. 

    Read his entire article here

  • New York Times: Poll Shows Americans Favor an Overhaul of Campaign Financing

    The New York Times recently reported on a new poll which shows that Americans want campaign finance reform. 

    Read the entire article here. 

  • Greater Baltimore Wilderness Coalition

    The Conservation Fund recently covered a new effort launched by myself and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake to help increase green spaces in the region. Read the entire article here

  • NH Register: How to fight back against big money in politics

    I recently wrote an article with Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro which explains the importance of passing The Government By the People Act (HR 20). Read the entire piece here

  • John Sarbanes Endorses Jamie Raskin for the 8th Congressional District

    Jamie Raskin is a close friend whom I have been privileged to know since we met in law school nearly thirty years ago. He is a person of absolute integrity and brilliant creativity, who has distinguished himself in academia and as a member of the Maryland General Assembly.  No one is better qualified to represent the residents of the 8th Congressional District and I am thrilled at his decision to enter the race. 




  • Baltimore Sun: Restoring people's faith in government

    I recently had a piece in The Baltimore Sun, about how a small-donor matching system could fight back against Big Money in politics. Read the entire piece here.

  • Washington Post: A campaign finance idea whose time has come

    Harold Meyerson of The Washington Post explains why it is time to pass The Government By the People Act (HR 20). Read the entire article here.

  • Selma

    This weekend, I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in a pilgrimage to Selma, Alabama for the 50th anniversary of the famous march from Selma to Montgomery.  In 1965, twenty-five year old John Lewis, with whom I now serve in Congress, led that march for voting rights across the Edmund Pettus Bridge.  He and dozens of others were savagely beaten by Alabama State troopers on March 7 in what came to be known as Bloody Sunday.  The country's outrage at this senseless violence turned the tide in the struggle for federal legislation to protect the right to vote.  Days later, President Johnson announced he would bring a Voting Rights Act to Congress and four months after that, it passed. 


    Thank you to John Lewis, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and all the other foot soldiers of the civil rights movement who refused to back down in Selma.  We know that there is one thing above all others we can do to repay the debt we owe you for your bravery and sacrifice.  It is the one thing we must encourage others to do as well.  It is the thing that will restore hope and power to our democracy . . . VOTE!  

  • The Atlantic: More Campaign Spending From More People

    Lee Drutman of The Atlantic recently profiled The Government By the People Act (HR 20). Read the entire article here.

  • 2014 Campaign Review

    Click here to see the infographic summary of the 2014 campaign.

  • Happy Holidays

  • If my voice were being heard in Washington DC...

    Click here to qoutes about what would happen if people's voices were being heard in Washing, D.C.

  • Big Money vs The People