Working for Us

Working for Citizen Owned Elections

When Congress debates the critical issues, too often it’s the Big Money crowd that calls the shots. We need a return to government of, by and for the people -- not government bought and paid for by the PACs and Super PACs. I’m fighting in Congress to build a small donor matching system for funding campaigns, overturn Citizens United and increase the amount of disclosure we have for political donors. Click here to read more.


Working for Civil Rights

The struggle for civil rights and human rights never ends. While we have made important progress in building a more just society, too many people still suffer unequal treatment in their quest to achieve the American dream and enjoy our country’s most basic freedoms. Congress should execute its full authority to remove barriers where they exist and ensure that all Americans are afforded equal rights and protections. Click here to read more.


Working for Democracy

It’s time to reform our democracy and restore the voices of everyday Americans. I was proud to lead the fight in Congress to develop the By the People legislative package which supports building a small donor matching system, overturning Citizens United, increasing the amount of disclosure we have for political donors, and making it easier for people to vote. Click here to read more.


Working for Economic Fairness

Too many Americans feel that, when it comes to economic policy, the interests of Wall Street and the multi-national corporations take priority over the needs of working people. Rather than chasing bad trade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and giving more tax breaks to big business, it’s time for Congress to enact legislation that will create jobs here in America and will provide real support and opportunity for working families. Click here to read more.


Working for Education and Job Training

Education is the ticket to success for every aspiring young person. For those who want to pursue higher education, we need to rein in the skyrocketing costs of tuition and provide grants and loans that will ease that burden. For those who seek the technical skills to launch a career, we must develop apprenticeships and other workforce training opportunities. Click here to read more.


Working for the Environment

Protecting our natural resources, promoting clean air and clean water, and combatting climate change. These are the legacies we must leave to future generations. In Maryland, our special responsibility is to the Chesapeake Bay. Every Marylander should strive to become a steward of the Bay’s health. It is the natural treasure that connects our communities and powers our regional economy. Click here to read more.


Working for Gun Safety

Americans expect gun owners to exercise their ownership in a responsible and safe manner. That’s why the great majority of Americans, including a majority of gun owners, support common sense safety measures such as universal background checks. In recent years, too many communities have suffered the tragedy of mass shootings by people that should never have had a gun. We must do more to prevent high-powered, military-style firearms from getting into the hands of criminals, domestic abusers or the dangerously mentally ill. It’s high time that Congress stood up to the gun lobby and took steps to stem the terrible tide of gun violence in our country. Click here to read more.


Working for Health

The foundation of good health is a clean environment. From there, we must also invest in public health, robust medical research and a health care system that provides access and coverage to every individual. Exploring new cures for disease at the NIH and strengthening the Affordable Care Act are examples of key steps we can take to improve the health of all Americans. Click here to read more.


Working for Seniors

Our nation’s seniors have made and continue to make enormous contributions to our civic life and to the success and prosperity of our nation. Every day, they deploy their talent and experience through service and volunteerism. We owe it to them to keep Medicare premiums affordable and Social Security on pace with the cost of living. Click here to read more.


Working for Small Businesses on Main Street

Small business is the engine that drives much of our economy. But too often the concerns of small business owners and their employees are pushed aside in favor of big business and multinational corporations. When we create public policy in Washington, it should be designed to bolster the can-do spirit of start-up innovators, small businesses and entrepreneurs - not just the well-connected big business crowd. An economy focused on Main Street can generate economic opportunity for millions of Americans. Click here to read more.


Working for Veterans

America's veterans fought to protect our country. They deserve every support we can offer to them and their families. That means streamlining the benefits process, ensuring that the VA health care system is delivering services in a timely and efficient way, and helping our returning veterans secure gainful employment. Click here to read more.


Working for Women’s Health, Education and Economic Empowerment

America has made great strides in ensuring that women and girls have equal access to opportunity, but there is much left to do. Women still only make 78 cents on the dollar compared to men. The United States lags many of our peer nations when it comes to providing mandatory sick leave and paid maternity leave. And a woman’s right to make her own reproductive choices is under constant attack. Every legislator must be persuaded to fight for progress on these and other issues, but we can accelerate that progress by electing more women at all levels of government. Click here to read more.