Thank You

Thank you for powering me to re-election and for giving the gavel back to Democrats in the House of Representatives. With your vote and all the other ways you helped--putting up yard signs, chipping in a few dollars, or knocking on doors--you made the difference and I am deeply humbled by your support.    

For the last two years, our country--our democracy--has been sliding on loose gravel. On Tuesday, we found our footing. Now we go to work restoring checks and balances in Washington. The President's latest move dismissing the Attorney General shows why oversight is so important. You were the ones that restored that oversight and it is our responsibility to carry it out.    

We're also going to make sweeping democracy reform the first order of business when the new Congress convenes in January. We need to strengthen voting rights, restore ethics and accountability, and reform our campaign finance system. That's how we return to government of, by and for the people.    

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve another two years in Congress. I promise to work every single day on your behalf.    


-Congressman John Sarbanes