Stopping the Republican Repeal of the ACA

Last night, House Republicans finally released their plan for unraveling the Affordable Care Act.

After crafting the bill in secret, they're going to attempt to force a committee vote on this major legislation less than 36 hours after its release with no public hearings or bipartisan input. They are rushing through a proposal that will cause millions to lose health care coverage and do severe economic damage.

This repeal bill represents so much of what is wrong with our government - it’s written not to provide better health coverage for more Americans, but instead to benefit the wealthy and well-connected special interests.

As a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, I’ll be in the room when we begin voting on this Republican repeal plan. I am ready to fight to protect the progress we have made under the ACA.

The ACA has been a dramatic success, with 20 million more people gaining health insurance since it was enacted. Lives have literally been saved. And I’m not going to let Republicans take that away. Everyone in the United States deserves affordable healthcare.

Thanks for being with us in this fight.