Sarbanes Votes to Prevent War with Iran

Congressman John Sarbanes (D-Md.) released the following statement today after voting to pass H.Con.Res. 83, a War Powers Resolution to limit President Trump’s ability to engage in a military conflict with Iran:

“After nearly two decades of endless war, the American people are wary of additional military entanglements in the Middle East. In spite of this, the President’s impulse is to heighten brinkmanship with Iran, and to do so without appropriate Congressional authorization and in violation of established protocols for consulting Congressional leaders. 

“Congress cannot allow the President to drag our country into another military conflict without the consent of the American people. Today, we took a decisive step to rein in the President’s ability to initiate war with Iran.

“Moving forward, the Trump Administration must work with Congress to further de-escalate tensions with Iran and establish a coherent and sustainable strategy to promote peace and stability across the region.”