Sarbanes Votes for Omnibus Spending Bill to Invest in Maryland Priorities, American Families

Today, Congressman John Sarbanes (D-Md.) voted to pass a federal funding package that will invest in a better future for families and communities in Maryland and across the country. The Fiscal Year 2022 omnibus spending package rises to the challenges of this moment by creating good-paying jobs, helping families with the rising costs of living and working toward a more sustainable, prosperous future. Critically, it also sustains and strengthens America’s leadership on the global stage, including the provision of robust assistance to Ukraine in this time of dire need.

“As many Americans are feeling pinched, this federal funding package will boost our economy and lift up families,” said Congressman Sarbanes. “Its investments will create jobs, lower health care costs, expand child care access and confront the climate crisis to deliver relief now and build a stronger economy for tomorrow.”

Sarbanes continued, “I am proud that it includes many of my top priorities for Maryland, including robust funding for the Chesapeake Bay Program and School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) which provide access to crucial health services for students in low-income and underserved communities. Also consistent with my long-standing policy focus, it invests in electric grid security and resilience programs, job training and Registered Apprenticeships and environmental justice efforts.”

Congressman Sarbanes also secured funding for many local projects, including initiatives such as improved flood protection, stormwater management and climate change resiliency; watershed restoration through expanded forest and tree cover; increased access to career coaching, skills training, job placement and transportation for underserved populations; public safety infrastructure; and expanded telehealth access for seniors.

Here’s some more detail on what the federal funding package does to improve the quality of life for all Americans:

  • Helping Families with the Cost of Living: Reduces costs by expanding child care and early learning programs to more working families, investing in America’s K-12 public schools, making college more affordable, expanding access to homeownership and bringing the promise of rural broadband to more communities. 
  • Creating American Jobs: Creates good-paying American jobs, putting folks to work rebuilding our infrastructure, helping small businesses grow and thrive, fostering the green energy jobs of tomorrow and supporting high-quality job training and apprenticeship programs so every American can contribute and succeed.
  • Supporting Vulnerable Americans: Helps to meet Americans’ basic needs by strengthening nutrition assistance, funding more affordable housing and cracking down on gender-based violence.
  • Fighting Climate Change: Confronts the existential threat of climate change through a renewed focus on environmental enforcement, pioneering funding for environmental justice and historic investments in clean energy and climate science.
  • Strengthening Public Health: Rebuilds our public health infrastructure, invests in lifesaving biomedical research and addresses urgent health crises, including maternal health, mental health, substance use disorders and gun violence.