Sarbanes Slams Big Tobacco Companies for Contributing to Youth Vaping Crisis

During a House Subcommittee on Health hearing today, Congressman John Sarbanes (D-Md.) expressed serious concerns about the increasing use of addictive e-cigarettes by minors and called out the tobacco industry for contributing to the youth vaping crisis.

“I remember this gigantic tobacco settlement that we had a few years ago, and I remember aspects of it being how to limit marketing to young people in all different kinds of ways,” said Congressman Sarbanes. “It just seems like the industry has found this gigantic loophole [with e-cigarettes] for going back and creating that whole public health crisis all over again.”

Congressman Sarbanes continued: “[Among] young people – middle school age, high school age, maybe younger … the uptake of the e-cigarettes may be like nothing we’ve ever seen when you look at the period of time and the numbers that we’re talking about. And if that is what begins the addiction to nicotine that then leads to the use of the product over time, then we’re kind of right back where we were fifteen years ago, almost. It’s staring us in the face, it’s bearing down on us.”