Sarbanes Joins Bipartisan Effort to Help Speed Up Passport Application and Renewal Process

Congressman John Sarbanes (D-Md.) today joined a bipartisan group of lawmakers in calling on Secretary of State Antony Blinken to improve the delivery of new passports and expeditiously approve passport renewals for thousands of Americans across the country.

“While we understand and appreciate that improvements are being made to address the problems, we … urge your department to accelerate the implementation of policies and procedures that increase timely issuance of passports,” the lawmakers said. “…… Many of our constituents are facing long delays and canceled trips due to an inability at the National Passport Center to receive, process and deliver passports in a timely manner.

The lawmakers continued: “We also have heard from constituents who have had to stay on hold for several hours after calling into the National Passport Center to request an update on their passport application. Further, Congressional staff calling on constituents’ behalf have also experienced hours’ long delays, reducing our office’s ability to help a greater number of constituents in need.”

The lawmakers concluded: “… We urge you to pursue any and all available means to improve service to our constituents including, but not limited to, resolving delays caused by your service partners and accelerating your stated plans to increase staffing at passport offices, increase the number of available walk-in appointments and increase capacity at the call centers.”