I have represented Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District in the House of Representatives since 2007. As a lifelong Marylander and one of the few members of Congress who has the opportunity to drive home every night, I hear directly from you in real time about your concerns and priorities.

Prior Experience

Before I was elected to Congress, I worked at the Maryland State Department of Education to make our school system the best in the country. As an attorney in private practice, I represented doctors, hospitals and other health care providers to build a high quality health care system. And I worked with organizations like the Public Justice Center to protect the environment and ensure equality and opportunity for all Marylanders.

While in Congress

In Congress, I serve as chair of the Democracy Reform Task Force, vice chair of the House Subcommittee on Health and co-chair of the bi-partisan Chesapeake Bay Task Force. I sit on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, the House Subcommittee on Environment and Climate Change and the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s Subcommittee on Government Operations. I fight to keep our government transparent and accountable, ensure access to affordable health care, preserve the Chesapeake Bay and protect our planet from the dangerous threat of climate change.

I am proud of my record in Congress and am working everyday to enact meaningful change.

  • Leading the charge on HR1, the For the People Act, to protect voting rights and access to the ballot box, hold elected officials accountable for conflicts of interest and ethical abuses, fight special-interest policies in Congress, and advance reforms that restore the voice of everyday Americans in our democracy. 
  • Working with my colleagues in Congress and with President Biden to bring critical pandemic relief to families through legislation such as the American Rescue Plan that delivered stimulus checks, support for small businesses, food and housing assistance and a fast and equitable vaccine distribution.
  • Providing resources to protect the Chesapeake Bay and combat climate change. The America’s Conservation Enhancement Act, signed into law in 2020, boosted conservation and cleanup efforts across the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and reauthorized the Chesapeake Bay Program for $92 million each year - an increase from $73 million. Congress must also fight against Big Oil and other polluters and work to reduce our carbon emissions and invest in renewable energy.
  • Fighting for a strong, more affordable healthcare system that invests in public health, robust medical research and provides access and coverage to every individual.
  • Strengthening a program that makes student loan repayment more affordable and provides loan forgiveness for people who work in public service or the non-profit sector for 10 years.