Trump's Unbelievable Environmental Plan

In Maryland, we care about our state’s environment. I love our strong tradition of protecting and appreciating the natural beauty of the place we call home. A lot of my passion for environmentalism is rooted in the wonderful Chesapeake Bay.


We worked with the EPA to secure funding for an important cleanup project on the Chesapeake Bay. And now Donald Trump wants to take that away from us.


Along with new EPA Administrator Pruitt, Trump is trying to gut the federal funds to help clean up the Bay. Under his reckless proposal, the budget for the project would be reduced by 93%, literally tens of millions of dollars, gone.


We can’t let that happen.


I have led efforts in Congress to clean up the Bay, focusing on empowering residents to become citizen stewards and have an active role in restoration projects. I’ve worked to prevent offshore drilling in the Bay, and know that when the Bay is taken care of, Maryland’s economy thrives.


Trump’s unreasonable and destructive plan would set back the incredible progress the cleanup program has made to improve the Chesapeake Bay’s health in recent years.


The EPA’s role in the Chesapeake Bay cleanup is fundamental to its success. We need to promote clean air and clean water, not gut programs designed to benefit local economies and ecosystems.


I love this state we call home and the opportunities to be in nature that it provides. The Chesapeake Bay is a place where I’ve had incredible experiences and made wonderful memories. That’s why I’m so passionate about protecting it. Future generations deserve a chance to have those same experiences and make those same memories.


We can’t stay silent on this. When someone attacks our environment, I can’t stand on the sidelines.


All my best,