On the Issues

  • Citizen-Funded Campaigns

    The influence of big money and special interests on our politics is breeding a deep cynicism across America. It’s time to put government back in the hands of the people. That means promoting citizen-owned, grassroots funded, people driven campaigns.

  • Civic Engagement

    I strongly believe in the power of service and volunteerism to energize and strengthen communities. I was very proud to establish a “VetCorps” within the AmeriCorps program that gives veterans and other Americans an opportunity to serve military families and fellow veterans.

    Investing in these priorities will be a challenge given our fiscal situation. But with prudent management of government resources and an insistence that everyone step up and contribute their fair share, we can do it. Together, we can rebuild the American Dream.

  • Good Jobs and Financial Security

    Jobs. We can get our economy moving again by literally rebuilding America – schools, parks, roads and public transportation are in desperate need of repair. We can spark a resurgence in manufacturing – we can "make it in America” once more – if we rebuild here at home and invest in innovation and technology.

    Health Care. We must follow through on implementation of the new health reform law so that all Americans have the opportunity to see a doctor when they need one.

    Secure Retirement. We owe it to our seniors and future retirees to keep Social Security and Medicare strong. They are among the most successful government programs in history and have provided dignity in retirement for millions of Americans.

  • Investing in the Next Generation

    We must rein in the skyrocketing costs of higher education and provide a career path for every aspiring young person. That’s why I worked to establish loan forgiveness programs that make student debt more manageable.

  • Protecting the Chesapeake Bay

    Protecting our natural resources is the legacy we give to future generations. I have authored several bills to protect the Chesapeake Bay, including the No Child Left Inside Act, which promotes outdoor learning and teaches our children to be environmental stewards and live healthy, balanced lives.