Government By the People Act

H.R. 20

Dear Friend:

It was my privilege to introduce the Government By the People Act, which promotes citizen-led, grassroots-funded campaigns and empowers average Americans to fight back against the influence of big money in politics.

Recently, we celebrated the day nearly 200 years ago that Americans turned back the British assault on Fort McHenry and Francis Scott Key penned our National Anthem during the War of 1812. The democracy we fought to preserve that day is one that in the words of James Madison, "ought to be dependent on the people alone." After reading the summary below, I hope you will support our effort to give power back to the people by signing the Government By the People Act petition.

Thank You,

Congressman John Sarbanes

 The Government By the People Act establishes a new paradigm for the funding of Congressional campaigns. Its various provisions work together to broaden citizen participation and liberate candidates from dependency on PACs and other big money interests.

I. Empower Americans to Participate

Provide everyday Americans with a refundable My Voice tax credit to help spur small dollar contributions to candidates for Congressional office.

II. Amplify the Voice of the People

Establish a Freedom from Influence Fund to multiply the impact of small-dollar donations.

III. Fight Back Against Big Money Special Interests

Prevent Super PACs and Dark Money interests from drowning out the voice of everyday Americans.


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