I'm proud to report that, during the most recent election cycle, we took our model of small donor empowerment to the next level.  My campaign enlisted the support of thousands of citizens across the 3rd Congressional District and beyond -- citizens who are determined to fight back against the influence of big money in Washington. 

We are moving into a new phase, establishing chapters wherever people are ready to declare, "My voice ... does count!  Our mission is to build support for meaningful campaign finance reform, with a special focus on the Government By the People Act (HR 20).  

I hope this webpage is a good resource for you to get involved with our efforts; keep up with political news and information; and learn more about where I stand on the major issues facing our nation. Feel free to email info@johnsarbanes.com if you have feedback or any questions.


John Sarbanes

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  • Thank you!

    Thank you to everyone who voted for me to be the Democratic nominee for Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District. I am proud to serve the people of Maryland and look forward to continuing to work hard for you. 

  • Light City's Neighborhood Lights- Hampden

    Last night I was able to stop by the Light City Neighborhood Lights installation in Hampden, which is located in the Third District. Below is my interview with MICA faculty member Diana Reichenbach who put together an amazing interactive community art piece.


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